Delivering Visibility

DrayData is dedicated to positioning itself as the forefront leader in reshaping the management of container transportation.Ā 

Our unified technology platform addresses crucial gaps in the supply chain, providing a seamless solution for all stakeholders to efficiently oversee the container transportation process.

Whether transported via ship or road or rail, DrayData eliminates the industry's longstanding challenge known as the "Black Hole", paving the way for accurate and real-time tracking of container movement within the supply chain.


Logistics Management

Step into the future of transportation and logistics with DrayFleet, your ultimate solution for a next-gen, cloud-based, multi-faceted Drayage Management System.

As a DrayTrace user, navigate a user-friendly, all-inclusive portal effortlessly to monitor and manage container volumes, service coverage, subscriptions, and tailor terminal-specific rules for availability. Seize control of your container management with precision.

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High Volume Vessel Tracing & Container Availability

Designed with industry leaders in mind, and offered exclusively to high-volume BCOs, Steamship Lines, Brokerages, and 3PLs, DrayTrace is tailored to meet the unique needs of these entities. Recognizing the complexities of their operations and the significant volumes they manage, DrayTrace is crafted to provide the most effective solutions.

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Your Cloud-Based EDI
Power house

DrayConnect is the cutting-edge solution for seamless EDI project execution, boasting a rich library of pre-certified templates. Onboard trading partners effortlessly, set up business document standards, and monitor communication endpoints ā€” all with real-time visibility.

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Transformative chat based

Introducing DrayTalk, a revolutionary chat-based communication tool seamlessly bridging information systems with collaborative chat environments. Designed for intra and inter-organizational connectivity, DrayTalk transforms B2C communications, providing a secure platform for direct engagement between information requesters and service providers.

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Your Standalone Tablet Solution

Introducing DrayTab, the standalone Plug ā€˜nā€™ Play tablet/portal solution engineered to seamlessly integrate with most TMS systems, enhancing container movement milestones for both internal and external operators.

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Unveil the future of
Asset Management

A cutting-edge hybrid solution seamlessly integrating advanced cellular technology and back-end data sources. This revolutionary fusion harnesses logistical data and real-time latitude/longitude information, crafting an intelligence-driven tool complete with alerts and notifications.

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Revolutionize your logistics workflow

The ultimate appointment securing and confirmation tool designed for imports, exports, and consignee/shipper warehouses. This cutting-edge automation system takes the hassle out of scheduling, considering essential factors such as Trucker fleet availability, Port terminal operating hours, loading/unloading schedules, slot availability, and a pre-set buffer zone for seamless capacity planning.

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