Revolutionize your
Logistics workflow

Revolutionize your logistics workflow with DrayScheduler – the ultimate appointment securing and confirmation tool designed for imports, exports, and consignee/shipper warehouses. This cutting-edge automation system takes the hassle out of scheduling, considering essential factors such as Trucker fleet availability, Port terminal operating hours, loading/unloading schedules, slot availability, and a pre-set buffer zone for seamless capacity planning.

Not just a scheduler, DrayScheduler empowers truckers with customization options, allowing them to prioritize high-profile customers through preapproved peak/off-peak settings, Last Free Days, prepull authorizations, and proximity to terminals, among other parameters. This tailored approach ensures optimized operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration is at the heart of DrayScheduler's capabilities. Paired with DrayTrace for real-time tracing availability, it employs cascading logic to swiftly secure appointments, minimizing downtime. Moreover, its compatibility with third-party TMS systems through DrayConnect and Emodal portals enables the seamless submission of License plate information, expediting pickups for assigned loads and empties at terminals.

Experience efficiency, precision, and accelerated workflows with DrayScheduler – where every appointment is a step towards streamlined logistics excellence.