Logistics Management

Step into the future of transportation and logistics with DrayFleet, your ultimate solution for a next-gen, cloud-based, multi-faceted Drayage Management System. Specifically designed for Brokerage and Asset-based Drayage carriers catering to Ports, Shuttles, and Store delivery operations, DrayFleet offers a comprehensive suite of features that elevate efficiency and streamline operations.

With a cutting-edge OTW and API/EDI system at its core, DrayFleet sets the stage for seamless communication and data exchange. The dynamic CSR and Dispatch modules empower your team to handle logistics with precision and agility.

What sets DrayFleet apart is its commitment to delivering exceptional Key Performance Indicator scores, making it an ideal choice for large Beneficial Cargo Owners. The integrated track and trace system ensures real-time visibility, while the system's scalability effortlessly handles high volumes of operations.

DrayFleet doesn't just manage logistics; it masters it. With a robust BCO/Port/Steamship Line Free Time Management system, as well as a configurable rate card system with unlimited variables, your logistics operations become not only efficient but also highly adaptable to your unique needs.

Join the logistics revolution with DrayFleet – where innovation meets efficiency, and your journey to optimized logistics begins.
Logistics Management