Unveil the future of
Asset Management

Unveil the future of asset management with DrayChassis™, a cutting-edge hybrid solution seamlessly integrating advanced cellular technology and back-end data sources. This revolutionary fusion harnesses logistical data and real-time latitude/longitude information, crafting an intelligence-driven tool complete with alerts and notifications.

DrayChassis™ implements a Chassis GPS tracking solution, enhancing the security of managed chassis by actively monitoring locations and swiftly detecting unauthorized movements or theft attempts, contributing to theft prevention and efficient asset recovery.

Beyond a customized dashboard, the DrayChassis™ portal serves as a comprehensive platform for monitoring chassis safety, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. With 24/7 live monitoring and customer assistance, the platform enhances capabilities for effective event and alert management.

Operational optimization is at the core of Chassis GPS tracking, reducing time and costs associated with searching for an available chassis. Managing diverse chassis fleets across multiple locations becomes streamlined, boosting overall asset utilization and ROI.

The integration of advanced asset tracking, especially chassis GPS tracking, directly benefits companies of all sizes. Real-time visibility into the location and status of customer freight enhances customer service, providing accurate private chassis billable reports to accounting. Additionally, it offers precise milestone information, such as mount and dismount alerts and possible empty notification alerts, fostering transparency and elevating overall customer experience.

As a failsafe, DrayChassis™ acts as a backup GPS solution in situations where a company's GPS or Electronic Logging Device (ELD) units fail to report, offering essential start and completion milestones.

Hardware: DrayChassis™ relies on PowerFleet’s LV-300 asset tracking solution, distinguished by its military-grade weatherproof design, shock-resistant features, discreet profile, easy installation, and lightweight construction. With an entry-level cost per unit surpassing market standards, the LV-300 ensures competitive monthly bandwidth and mobile carrier costs, with a 20-month rechargeable battery life and expansion capabilities for RFID solutions. Compatible with Dry Vans, Chassis, Flatbeds, Reefers, Tankers, Rental Assets, and Heavy Equipment, it sets a new benchmark for versatility and cost efficiency.