Your Cloud-Based EDI
Power house

DrayConnect is the cutting-edge solution for seamless EDI project execution, boasting a rich library of pre-certified templates. Onboard trading partners effortlessly, set up business document standards, and monitor communication endpoints—all with real-time visibility.

Versatility is key with DrayConnect, supporting traditional EDI formats, API, FTP, REST, Webhooks, and more. Paired with DrayTab, it provides status reporting (214s) for comprehensive insights.

Reliability Redefined:

  • High Availability: Hosted in Azure, DrayConnect ensures uninterrupted service with features like automatic failover and geo-replication.
  • Scalability: Independently scalable components adapt to evolving demands through load balancing and auto-scaling mechanisms.
  • Security: Industry-standard practices, encryption, and robust authentication mechanisms safeguard user data, ensuring compliance.

Experience the future of EDI with DrayConnect – where innovation meets reliability and security in a condensed, powerhouse solution.