Revolutionary Chat based

Introducing DrayTalk, a revolutionary chat-based communication tool seamlessly bridging information systems with collaborative chat environments. Designed for intra and inter-organizational connectivity, DrayTalk transforms B2C communications, providing a secure platform for direct engagement between information requesters and service providers.

Our platform redefines the landscape of business communication, eliminating the need for extensive email exchanges. DrayTalk ensures a smooth, transparent, and effortless flow of information, fostering efficiencies for growth and success in this dynamic industry.

In synergy with our native DrayFleet, DrayTalk becomes a powerhouse, disseminating insightful information and simplifying everyday tasks such as scheduling deliveries, checking container statuses, viewing PODs, or tracking outstanding accessorial charges. The potential for business enhancement lies not only with Dray Carriers and Fleet Operators but also extends to Transportation Brokers and, ultimately, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs). Elevate your communication experience with DrayTalk and unlock new possibilities in streamlined and collaborative operations.