Your Standalone Tablet Solution

Introducing DrayTab, the standalone Plug ā€˜nā€™ Play tablet/portal solution engineered to seamlessly integrate with most TMS systems, enhancing container movement milestones for both internal and external operators.

This innovative tablet application revolutionizes operations by automatically capturing key milestones, empowering operators to instantly document high-quality images and obtain POD signatures. DrayTab is equipped with Time Card systems, Port and Rail applications, ELDS, and Commercial Truck Routing systems for a comprehensive operational toolkit.

What sets DrayTab apart is its integration with DrayTalk, fostering hands-free communication between dispatchers and drivers. This seamless interaction, coupled with the ability to capture miscellaneous images, ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Experience the future of logistics management with DrayTab ā€“ where versatility meets efficiency, transforming the way milestones are handled and communication flows within your operations.